Pastor’s Perspective – October 18

Last Wednesday I received an email from Monique Achtman who works with schools in facilitating pro-life conversations and presentations. She also helps with the annual “Hike for Life”. She wrote: “The Virtual 40th Annual Hike for Life was held on or around May 9 this year, and it was a success! We are pleased to announce that your parish wins the Parish Runner-Up trophy in our friendly competition, with the second greatest number of hikers participating in the Hike for Life fundraiser for Calgary Pro-Life Assn. Your donations serve the greater community as we work on ways to engage with the young people, usually those in grades 5 -9 in their classrooms, giving educational pro-life presentations. We are already receiving bookings for 2021! Thank you!

Monique will be at St. Peter’s at the 10 AM Mass on October 25th to present the trophies. She will award the Parish Runner Up trophy and the CWL Runner Up trophy to publicly thank our parish, and the CWL ladies for our support.

Way to go St. Peter’s for your untiring commitment to the Hike for Life.

Also, on October 25th, we will be initiating a weekly Zoom coffee party. From the live stream feed there will be a link to join for a time of virtual fellowship. It will be hosted by St. Peter’s parishioners providing a venue for you to visit with each other after sharing in the Live Stream Mass. Of course, you need to bring your own coffee, or beveridge of choice.  

Have a blessed week,

Fr Jonathan