Pastor’s Perspective – January 17

In 2020 we saw a marked shift in how parishioners contributed to the finances of St. Peter’s. Prior to COVID the majority of parishioners gave through the envelope system. By year-end many of you had signed up for electronic giving. I am appreciative to all of you, whether you gave via envelope or electronically. Your generosity meant 2020 was a year where we operated in the black by a wide margin. The Finance Committee will share this good news with you at the Zoom Town Hall on Wednesday at 7:30 PM. ( – Dial in:1 587 328 1099 – Meeting ID: 303 850 5514)

For those of you who want to continue using envelopes in 2022, we will insure this can happen. The 2021 have already been purchased and are being issued. At the same time, I would like to encourage envelope givers to consider switching to electronic deposits. By make this change, we will:

  1. Cut costs: Envelopes cost us $2500.00 a year.
  2. Easy and convenient: You can set up regular dates when you want the donation to be deposited with St. Peter’s.
  3. No waste – over 400 people who ask for envelopes don’t pick them up
  4. Less administration – more time efficient for our accountant
  5. Less need for volunteer counters
  6. Online giving reduces errors

If you would like to switch to online giving please go HERE on our website.  If you would like more information or help with this, please call Cindy Kreutzer at 403-286-5110 or email her at:

I hope to see many of you on Wednesday at 7:30 for the Town Hall.

In His grace,

Fr Jonathan