Pastor’s Perspective – August

One of the gifts of our Christian vocabulary is the variety of words we have beginning with the prefix “re”. Here are just a few; “redemption”, “restoration”, “resurrection”, “revelation”, and “renewal”.  The prefix re-, which means “back” or “again” affirms the opportunity afforded to creation and us, as those made in God’s image, to a reawakened confidence in the inherent goodness of life.  

Another “re” word that helps us to express life’s goodness is “recreation”.  This word comes from the Latin “recreare”, which means “to refresh, restore, make anew, revive, invigorate”. 

The summer months are a time when we celebrate the recreation of the physical world with the unfolding of nature in its beauty and rich diversity. A word that I came across recently that captures this idea of recreation is the little used “saunter”. It means to “walk slow in a relaxed manner without effort”. How hard I find it to saunter. My mind is often racing so that I am often so busy, meaning recreation and sauntering are hard to discover.

But as I take the time, especially during the summer months, to be attentive to the beauty of the world surrounding me, there is an invitation offered to me by the Lord to allow for the kind of recreation that leads to re-creation.

I will be away until August 18th for my annual holiday. I plan to spend some time sauntering and I pray the same for you.

Fr. Jonathan