Pastor’s Perspective – October 17

Some people have asked me why we need registration for Sunday Mass when other churches in the Diocese just have walk-ups. The reason for this, is that the way St. Peter’s is configured, and limited to only every third pew,  registration for Sunday Mass allows us to maximize the space. If we just had walk-ups we could have a situation where two people forming a cohort would be able to sit at one end of the pew, and say, a single person at the other end. If we had a series of pairs and singles come to Mass, this would make it difficult to accommodate larger groupings, say of families with six or seven people. So while registration is frustrating this is the way we can best utilize the limited space.

For instance, at the time of writing,  this Sunday four of the five Masses are full. But you will notice a discrepancy in the numbers:

  • 5 PM Saturday 63
  • 8 Am Sunday 55
  • 9:30 AM Sunday 74
  • 11:30 Am Sunday 77

The reason there are more people able to attend the 9:30 and 11:30 is because more families registered thereby allowing more people to sit in proximity one to another.

I appreciate this is not an ideal situation. However, for now it is the way I think we can accommodate the most people under the restrictions we are required to follow.

Weekday Masses do not require registration.

With my care and prayers,

Fr Jonathan