Bible Study – Who am I to Judge?

Following Dr. Edward Sri’s visit to St. Peter’s, we are offering a new Bible Study based on his book, “Who am I to Judge?”

WHEN: Beginning Sunday, January 21 from 7-9pm and running weekly for 8 sessions. Tuesday sessions beginning January 23 will also be available from 1-3pm

WHERE: Conference Room C, lower level

COST: There is no cost for this study but you will need to sign up HERE at to access course materials.

To entice you take a look at these difficult questions and see if you can answer them:

 Is there an absolute right and wrong for everyone?

 Is there is a moral standard for all, and can you explain our moral convictions in a convincing way?

 Are you afraid of saying something is immoral because it may offend others or you may be labeled intolerant?

We’ll explore the classical view of morality and find that it’s not merely a set of guiding principles for theoretical situations—it is an entire way of life.

For more information email Dixie at or call her at 403-288-5245.

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Bible Study - Who am I to Judge?