Foundational Bearings of Theology

  • Presented by Fr. Jerome Lavigne
  • Twenty Six Sessions
  • Approx. 26 hours of Professionally Recorded Videos
  • Online, Accessible On-Demand, anytime

Exploring 8 Master Themes of the Theological Tradition

  1. The Assembly and its Action as Manifestation of the Church
  2. The Revelation of God Through Word and Sacrament in Dynamic Relation
  3. The Paschal Mystery as the Center of Word and Sacrament
  4. Anamnesis, Epiclesis, and Eschatology
  5. The Manifestation of the Trinitarian Mystery Through the Eucharistic Action
  6. The Moral Life: Living according to the new dignity
  7. Spirituality: The personal and vital relationship with the living God
  8. Mission: The Church is sent into the world for its salvation.
This course is $249 for 12-months of access.