Foundational Bearings of Theology


Beginning in 2017 Fr. Jerome presented his course, “Foundational Bearings of Theology” . This was a 13 week, 26 class course that is now available online.

After having invested nine years of his life in seminary training, Fr. Jerome knows firsthand the transformative power of knowledge infused with the gift of Faith. This course is an assimilation of that which is best in the Academy and it centers in around an experience that is already very familiar to each and everyone of us: The Celebration of the Holy Mass. The whole life of the Church is centered around the Eucharist – it leads up to the Eucharist and the Church comes alive out of the celebration of the Eucharist. The best way to do theology is to keep it very close and in touch with the Eucharist so that our conception of what we are doing in theology is a reflection born out of the various dimensions that come to pass during the celebration of the Divine Liturgy.

What we will do here is systematically, methodologically develop theology out of the Ritual Structure of the Mass and from there, we will indicate: ‘The Elements of the Eucharist and Eight Master Themes of the Theological Tradition.’

“The one thing I can promise all those who take this course is that you will experience a transformation that will sustain your Faith journey right up until you find yourself staring at St. Peter himself at the gates of the Kingdom!” Fr. Jerome

This Course is now available online:
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