The Forge – St. Peter’s Young Men’s Group

The mission of The Forge – St. Peter’s Young Men’s Group is aimed at providing an environment in which young men, ages 14 – 17, can grow in fraternity with others through sports, discussions and talks. By focusing on the teachings of Christ and his Church, this group seeks to form young men who will be ready to deal with the pressures of the world and become transformed through grace to be the son of God that they were called to be.

In order to participate in any of our Young Men’s Group events, you must FIRST register each child. You only need to do this one time. If you have already registered, you can skip ahead to sign up for the event.


The next Forge event is Friday, May 25
The theme of the event will be about the Mother Mary and we will also build community through icebreakers, group discussions, food, and fellowship.

LOCATION: St. Sylvester School Gym – 7318 Silver Springs Blvd NW, Calgary
TIME: 6pm – 9pm
BRING: Good shoes and a change of clothes for sports

PARENTS: Youth Members will be done the evening at approximately 9:00 PM. They can be picked up at St. Sylvester School.

The Forge - May 25