Little Flowers Girls’ Club® is a Catholic club for girls ages 5-10 and their moms (female caregiver at least 18 years of age). Little Flowers teaches virtues through scripture, saints’ biographies and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Girls earn badges for the virtues they have practiced and life skills they have learned. We meet about 2 Tuesdays a month, at St Peter’s Church from 6-7:30.

To sign up or inquire please email

Little Flowers Schedule:

Tuesdays 6-7:30, approximately twice a month • St Peter’s Conference Rm. C


For the 2023-2024 year, please order “Wreath 2” and we suggest the “large sash”

The Little Flowers will receive their Sash in a special ceremony as well as their badges and book. Please write their name in their book and on the inside of their sash.

Sash- Wear on Left Shoulder to right hip. The girls will wear their sash to each regular meeting once they have received it.

Cross Badge- Add cross to sash on the chest, over her heart. You may attach the Cross Badge with safety pins, glue gun, or preferably for long term wear, sew it on.

Flower/ Virtue Badges- keep at home until your little flower has completed their tasks to earn their badge. We will plan to do a badge ceremony at the end scheduled meetings throughout the year.

Complete the Badge

With each Virtue/Saint week there is a checklist page to complete at home to earn your badge. We will work on several of these at our meetings.  Once this is completed bring that badge to our next badge ceremony meeting and we will present the Little Flower with her new badge. Do these at your own pace. Also, as we have girls ranging from 5-11 years old, use the checklist as a guide and adjust as necessary for comprehension level.

Craft Mom:

Each week one Mom will be assigned to prepare the craft. The Craft companion book has ideas and instructions for each virtue/saint week and will be available to browse at each meeting. If you have other ideas that go along with the saint, virtue, or flower of the week, please feel free to create your own suitable craft.

If you wish to prep ahead, feel free to drop off in a box. Craft Mom’s take care of the associated costs for the craft of the week. Please let the us know if you would like us to bring extra hot glue guns, etc to help with the crafts.

Check out these blogs for additional ideas: