Today at St. Peter’s

Tuesday, February 20

8:30am Mass – Fr. Emanuel
7pm Mass – Fr. Jonathan

8am – Rosary
1pm – Bible Study – Who am I to Judge?
6:15pm – Reconciliation
7pm – RCIA
7:30pm – Bible Study
7:30pm – Celebrating the Word
7:30pm – Mom’s Book Club

Tomorrow at St. Peter’s

Wednesday, February 21

8:30am Mass – Fr. Jonathan
7pm Mass – Fr. Jerome

8am – Rosary
1pm – Celebrating the Word
6:15pm – Reconciliation
7:30pm – Reconciliation
7:30pm – CWL General Mtg

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Parochial Vicar’s Perspective

In the Book of Esther, we read of a time when the Persian Empire was planning to rid the Kingdom of the Jewish people scattered throughout its’ regions. Esther, who through the providential working of God was given in marriage to the Persian King, Ahasuerus, was a Jewish woman who could make a difference. Although fearful to approach the King as to influence him to bring a stop to the intended genocide, her uncle Mordecai, encouraged by saying that “perhaps you have come to royal dignity for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14)

Although we do not live in a time where the Catholic Faith is threatened as was the Judaism of Esther’s generation; we need committed disciples of Jesus Christ. Teenagers and men with conviction who will recognize God has called us to be Catholics “for such a time as this” because we live in a generation where there are many forces intent on undermining Catholic faith, identity and practice.

This year’s conference will be held at St. Peter’s on the evening of March 16th from 6-9 PM and March 17th from 9 – 4 PM. The speakers will include Fathers Jerome Lavigne, Jonathan Gibson, Cristino Bouvette and Raymond de Souza.

If you are 14 or over, please join us so that we can discover more how to form the virtues of courage, strength and unity for “Such a Time as This”.

For more information and to register please go to www.godsquad.ca.

Grace to you in the Mercy of Jesus,

Fr Jonathan
(Chaplain for God Squad 2018)