Today at St. Peter’s

Monday, May 1

8:30am Mass – Fr. Ephrem

8am – Rosary
9:10am – Prayer Group
6pm – First Communion Class
7pm – RCIA

Tomorrow at St. Peter’s

Tuesday, May 2

8:30am Mass – Fr. Jerome
7pm Mass – Fr. Jerome

8am – Rosary
6:15pm – Reconciliation
7:30pm – 100 Years of Fatima

Office Hours

Mon – Thurs 9am – 4:30pm
Closed from Noon – 1pm
Fri 9am – Noon

The Pastor’s Perspective

While many of us are looking forward to a spring time with warmer weather and signs of new life bursting all around us, the same could be said for the completion of St. Peter’s Phase I and Phase II construction and renovation project. As you can see, we are now adding the final touches to the Narthex interior and things are really coming together nicely.

Please note that we now have a sidewalk that leads to another set of main entrance access doors at the other end of the parking lot. (right besides where SVDP has their food and supply storage) Everyone parking at the far end now has the ability to access the Narthex from this New Entrance.

On a financial level, our loan with the Diocese now sits around the $3 million mark. We’re still in the process of having the parking lot drawing plans put together and once complete, we will be applying for another Building Permit so as to maximize our parking area. Our hope is to have this Phase complete by mid to late summer.

Once Phase II is complete, we will then begin monthly payments towards paying off our loan with the Diocese. All construction will cease until we will have cleared our loan with the diocese and raised another 50% of funds for Phase III (a New Sanctuary, 1000 seat capacity, expanded Narthex, Adoration Chapel, Columbarium, etc.)

Thanks to all who have generously pledged your support towards the Rock of Our Faith Campaign and for your ongoing monthly support. Our newly renovated space now allows for many families of St. Peter’s to gather for fellowship and experience a new level of faith formation. Together, we are in the process of building up the Kingdom of God in the northwest of Calgary!

In Christ,
Fr. Jerome