Today at St. Peter’s

Friday, April 20

8:30am – Fr. Jonathan

8am – Rosary
9am-Noon – Adoration
9:30am – Mother’s Support Group
11:50am – Benediction
Young Women of Grace – CANCELLED
Evening Adoration – CANCELLED

Tomorrow at St. Peter’s

Saturday, April 21

8:30am Mass – CANCELLED
5pm Mass – Fr. Jonathan
7pm Mass – Fr. Jonathan

10am – Confirmation Mass
11am – Children’s Choir Practice
2pm – Confirmation Mass
3:30pm – Reconciliation CANCELLED

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The Pastor’s Perspective

Congratulations to all of our new ‘Adults in the Faith’ who experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit through the words and actions of Bishop McGrattan during both of our Confirmation Masses this Saturday! Every time our young adults decide to make the treasure of our Faith their own, we find ourselves being invited to remember the grace and dignity that’s been entrusted to all of us – we who share in the common experience of being Confirmed in Christ.

While many of us might find it hard to remember all the details that surrounded our own Confirmation, the impact upon our souls back then was just as real as the impact upon the souls of our young adults this weekend. For we have all received the Spiritual Seal: that is the Spirit of Wisdom of Understanding and Courage, the Spirit of Right Judgment and Courage, the Spirit of Knowledge and Reverence along with the Spirit of Holy Fear in God’s presence. We are called to safeguard what we have received for God the Father has marked us with His sign – Christ our Lord has confirmed us and has placed his pledge, the Spirit, in our hearts!

I love the way that St. Thomas Aquinas reminds us how ‘age of body’ does not determine ‘age of soul.’ For even those among us in childhood can attain great spiritual maturity. As the book of Wisdom says: “Old age is not honoured for length of time, or measured by number of years.” (Wisdom 4:8) Many children, teenagers and young adults through the strength of the Holy Spirit they have received made available to them through the Sacraments of the Church have bravely fought for Christ even to the point of shedding their blood. Please keep our newly Confirmed ‘Adults in the Faith’ in prayer – that they will represent our Lord and bring His Truth in every dimension of their lives.

In Christ,
Fr. Jerome