Today at St. Peter’s

Saturday, September 23

8:30am Mass – Fr. Jerome
5pm Mass – Fr. Jerome
7pm – Fr. Jerome

8am – Rosary
9am – Baptism Prep
9:30am – SVDP Retreat – Talk (Fr. Jerome)
10:30am – Kids Rock Volunteer Orientation
11am – Children’s Choir Practice
1pm – SVDP Retreat Continues
3:30pm – Reconciliation
4pm – Sat. Night Live Choir Practice
6pm – Surf ‘n Turf Dinner

Tomorrow at St. Peter’s

Sunday, September 24

8am Mass – Fr. Bagnall
9:30am Mass – Fr. Bangall
11:30am Mass – Fr. Jerome
5pm Mass – Fr. Jerome

9:30am – Kids Rock
2pm – Baptisms

The Pastor’s Perspective

Every month, our Holy Father always states a special intention that he desires for the Church to focus in on – for the month of September 2017, the Papal Intention is: “For parishes at the service of the mission.” During a radio interview, Pope Francis went on to describe for us what that means: “That they not be simple offices, but that animated by a missionary spirit, may be places where faith is communicated and charity is seen.”
Blessed are we at St. Peter’s to have such an active St. Vincent de Paul Society in our parish! This Saturday, we are hosting a special ½ day retreat that concludes with a fundraising supper focusing on what it means to: “Serve to Learn and Learn to Serve”.

Blessed Frederic Ozanam, the founder of the SVDP society, experienced a ‘life altering moment’ as a young man studying at the Sorbonne in Paris. It happened during a debate group meeting soon after he had just spoken about Christianity’s role in civilization, when one of the members said: “Let us be frank, Mr. Ozanam; let us also be very particular. What do you do besides talk to prove the Faith you claim is in you?” Those words pierced him straight through the heart – and soon began gnawing away at his conscience…

As it was that day for Blessed Frederic Ozanam, so I invite it to be for all of us as we contemplate the incredible blessings we share in being part of such a vibrant parish community here at St. Peter’s. As we pray for our Holy Father’s intentions for this month, that St. Peter’s ever increases in its service of the mission, at one and the same time allow for the question posed to Frederic nearly 200 years ago to penetrate deep on the inside of your life’s daily fabric:

“Let us be frank, and let us also be very particular. What do you do besides talk to prove the Faith you claim is in you?”

In Christ,
Fr. Jerome