Men's Breakfast Studies

Ministry Leader: Sean Lynn

Join us Wednesday mornings in St. Peter’s Parish Hall at 6am for fellowship as we study TMIY!


The Fall semester is a journey into the splendor of the Church and exposes a new depth of Catholic spirituality and devotion. The profundity of the Scriptures sets the stage for renewal of mind and heart – a new creation story, a new Adam, a new Eve, a new covenant, and even a new Kingdom! Get ready for the practical, the precise, the profound, and even the prophetic!

In the Spring semester there is an opportunity to rediscover Fatherhood and experience an opportunity to witness our most precious treasure – God the Father. We’ll meet our spiritual father and enlighten our minds with spiritual truths that help transform the world. Men have a chance to become a new creation in Christ and allow His mercy to consume their miseries.

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