Boys and girls who have received their First Eucharist are invited to consider joining the Altar Server ministry to serve at weekend and holy day Masses, funerals, weddings and other liturgies.

We are also seeking adults who regularly attend weekend Masses to help mentor, organize and schedule the altar servers at those weekend Masses.

This is truly a family commitment as parents play a key role in a Server’s participation in this ministry. Behind every successful Altar Server are parents who willingly support their child in this ministry of service, and for you our entire community would be greatly appreciative.

One of the basic building blocks for all Catholic communities is gathering for the celebration of the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist, and Altar Servers hold a privileged place in these celebrations. More than just an “assistant” to the priest/deacon, the Server exercises a ministry of service to the community and to the one in whose name we gather, Jesus Christ. As with all liturgical ministers, Servers both personally participate in the liturgy and contribute to the worshiping experience of the gathered community.

St John Paul II said of Altar Servers:

Your commitment to the altar is not only a duty, but a great honor, a genuine holy service… the altar server occupies a privileged place in the liturgical celebration. The altar server presents himself or herself to a community and experiences firsthand that Jesus Christ is present and active in every liturgical act.”

Serving at the Altar helps increase one’s faith and builds a unique relationship between the Server and Jesus Christ and offers the St. Peter’s community the opportunity to pray, worship, and grow in faith.

Your participation in this family ministry would truly enable the community to live our mission in the world.

If you are interested in the Altar Server ministry as a Server, please click here to sign up.

If you are interested in the Altar Server ministry as a Mentor, please click here to sign up.