The Font is our newest Faith group here at St. Peter’s. This group is for young women in the parish ages 14 – 17.

The Mission of The Font is to be a community of young ladies from St. Peter’s Parish and beyond, who gather to share about the joys, struggles, and spiritual battles of their lives, while living, learning, and practicing their Catholic faith. It will be a place where girls can come to understand what it is to be a daughter of God, and what it is to spread His love to the greater community.

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Our first event will be held on May 10 from 6pm – 9pm in the Parish Hall. The Theme – True Womanhood

This event and youth group theme encompasses what it means to be a woman, why God made us female, and why true womanhood is so rare and unique.

There will be food, games, a talk and engaging discussion.

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The Font - Upcoming Event - May 10